Spice of Today

Fish Platter – for 2 person £8.00

Consisting of BBQ king prawn, grill salmon, & peppered Telapia.

Barbecue King Prawns £4.00

Medium spiced King Prawns barbecued in a clay oven.

Peppered Grilled Salmon £4.00

Fresh salmon fillet, lightly spiced fl ame grilled over charcoal.

Grilled Trout £4.00

Fresh trout fillet highly spiced then fl ame grilled over charcoal.

Barbecue Telapia Mass £4.00

Lightly spiced Bangladeshi fish steak barbecued in a clay oven.

King Prawns Bora £4.00

Fairly spiced king prawns deep fried in batter.

Telapia Biran £4.00

Bangladeshi fish steak marinated with herbs & spices & barbecued.

King Prawns Aam £4.00

King Prawns cooked with cream & sweet mango, served on a leavened bread.

Chingri Vakhi £4.00

Fairly spiced prawns stuff ed in a roasted pepper.

Tetul Shoffree – Chicken or Lamb £3.50

Meat balls cooked in mango & tamarind sauce.

Duck Tikka £3.50

Marinated duck with herbs & spices then fl ame grilled over charcoal.

Grilled Lamb Chops £3.50

Fairly spiced lamb chops marinated in yoghurt then grilled in tandoori oven

Tuna Bora £3.20

Lightly spiced tuna balls, deep fried in bread crumbs.

Chot Photi £2.80

Spiced chickpeas & potatoes in a tamarind sauce.

Aloo Garlic Mushroom (V) £2.80

Potato & mushrooms stir fried with onions, garlic