First Course

Fusion Platter for 2 person £7.50

Consisting of chicken-tikka, lamb-tikka, chicken-kebab, grill salmon.

Tandoori Chicken £3.50

On the bone chicken marinated in spiced & cooked over charcoal.

Tikka – Chicken or Lamb £3.50

Chicken or Lamb fillet marinated in spices then cooked over charcoal.

Sheek – Chicken or Lamb £3.50

Minced Lamb or chicken spiced with herbs & flamed grilled in skewers over charcoal.

Shashlick – Chicken or Lamb £3.95

Marinated in spices then cooked over charcoal with onions and peppers.

Peppered Paprika £3.95

Roasted Pepper stuffed with chicken stuffings. 

Enda Kebab £3.95

Boiled Egg coated with minced lamb & garnished with fried egg.

Onion Bhaji £2.95

Spiced onions & potatoes deep fried in batter.

Samosa – Veg or Lamb £2.95

Pastry filled with minced lamb or veg & deep fried.

Pakora – Chicken or Ponic Garlic £3.50

Deep fried chicken or Indian cheese smothered in batter.

Puree – Prawns or Chicken or Potato £3.50

Deep fried leavened bread garnished with one of the above.

King Prawn Phatia Bhuna Puree £4.50

As above.

Chat – Prawn or Chicken or Potato £3.50

Diced onions, potato & cucumber cooked with one of the above, garnished with salad.

Prawn Cocktail £2.95

Prawns served with salad dressings in cocktail sauce.

Melon – Seasonal £2.95