Spice of Today Main Course

Mango Kurma Chicken or Lamb £7.50

Mild dish cooked with mango, cream and nuts

Rangila Khana Chicken or Lamb £7.50

Widely flavoured Goan dish cooked with fresh spinach, simmered in a medium hot sauce with fresh ginger & fenugreek leaves.

Begun Baja Chicken or Lamb £7.50

Fresh aubergines onions & tomatoes diced and cooked with garlic, ginger, garnished with coriander.

Lamb Khata Masalla £7.50

Finely cut strips of lamb cooked in spicy herbs simmered in a medium sauce, balanced with fresh ginger & garlic, then garnished fresh coriander.

Enda Khana Chicken or Lamb £7.50

Onion, capsicum, tomato & freshly boiled egg cooked with herbs & spices , in a medium sauce. Garnished with fresh coriander.

Shatkora Chicken or Lamb £7.50

Cooked with shatkora (7-due) a favourite Bangladeshi bitter lemon.

Sylheti Naga Masalla Chicken or Lamb £7.50

Cooked with the hottest chilli from Sylheti, garnished with fresh coriander – Be a devil before you order this dish.

Chicken Ghosht £7.50

Marinated in spices, then cooked with minced lamb, garnished with tomato & coriander.

Jalalee Khana – Chicken or Lamb £7.50

Cubes of succulent chicken or lamb marinated in mildly spiced herbs. Simmered in a sweet and sour buttered sauce, with a touch of tamarind and garam masalla.

Jumri Chicken or Lamb £7.50

A mouth watering dish from Bangladesh, cooked with kidney beans, hot paprika & fresh chillies.

Imle Chicken or Lamb £7.50

Tandoori pieces spiced with bay leaves, garam masalla, baby tomatoes & tamarind creating a tangy & spicy flavour.

Kofta Masalla Chicken or Lamb £7.50

Spicy minced chicken or lamb balls cooked in an exotic sauce, medium spiced.

Saqi Chicken or Lamb £7.50

Rich creamy dish consisting of barbecued lamb or chicken, simmered in coconut milk, ground ginger & mint to create an exotic dish.