Old Time Favourites

Methi Chicken or Lamb £7.50

Medium with fenugreek.

Muglai Chicken £7.50

Sylheti Jalfrezi Chicken or Lamb £7.50

Marinated in a hot sauce with onions, peppers and fresh green chilli.

Sylheti King Prawn Jalfrezi £12.50

Cooked as above with king prawns.

Sylheti Vegetable Jalfrezi £6.80

Cooked as above with mixed vegetables.

Tikka Bhuna Chicken or Lamb £7.50

Cooked in a medium sauce with onions, tomatoes & peppers.

Tikka Masalla Chicken or Lamb £7.50

Marinated in special marinated sauce, garnished with fresh cream and nuts.

Tandoori King Prawn Masalla £12.50

Cooked as above with king prawn.

Pasanda Chicken or Lamb £7.50

Mildly cooked marinated in a mild creamy sauce.

Garlic Chilli Masalla Chicken or Lamb £7.50

Slices of chicken cooked with garlic and sylheti chilli in a hot sauce.

Asari Chicken or Lamb £7.50

Cooked with a sour fruit in a medium sauce, garnished with fresh coriander.

Jeera Chicken or Lamb £7.50

Cooked with cumin seeds, garam masalla then garnished with onions and capsicum.

Butter Chicken or Lamb £7.50

Mild marinated & cooked in a mild buttered sause.

Bengal Chicken or Lamb £7.50

Medium dish cooked with egg, tomato & potato, garnished with coriander.

Masalla Chicken £11.80

On the bone cooked with minced Lamb, herbs & spices in a medium sauce. Garnished with sliced egg & cream.

Bangladeshi Special £10.50

Medium dish cooked with chicken, lamb, prawns & mushrooms, spiced up with herbs and garnished with coriander & sliced egg.